sobota, 4. december 2010

Crocheted hangers that my granny never had

A pile of vintage and not so vintage wooden hangers would be almost  lost forever. I've found beautiful inspiration here . I dressed my wooden hangers in crocheted blankets by using granny chic squares and some extra wool. They are in my etsy shop. With each purchase you will also get free PDF tutorial how to make White soft woolen snow ball. Enjoy making them with children and play with imaginary snow balls in your living room....Have fun!

5 komentarjev:

  1. These coat hangers are just beautiful! I would love to crochet every hanger in my wardrobe! These are lovely, fab idea!

  2. Very nice, and it must be good for the clothes!

  3. thank you :)a lot of vintage wooden hangers are still waiting for new crocheted blankets.

  4. How the little snowballs. Happy jolly winter greetings to you.

  5. it's so cute, c'est vraiment adorable
    I'll love have it in my dressing...
    J'adorerais en avoir de si jolis dans mon armoire

    beautiful blog