sobota, 24. november 2012

Unconditional love

Grateful for unconditional love in my life.. 

sobota, 17. november 2012

Dom in stil Zima 2012

Dom in stil Zima 2012 je poln idej za obdarovanje in okraševanje za praznične dni. Notri se je znašla tudi naša blazinica iz starega lana in čipk pa kvačkane igračke (na 185. strani :)

torek, 6. november 2012

our advent calender in Discover Paper 2012 Holiday Guide

We're so happy!! Our vintage music paper envelopes Advent calendar appeared in this beautiful Holiday guide. We're on page 59 :)

You can find it in our shop.


nedelja, 4. november 2012

sreda, 24. oktober 2012

Birdie on the Purse

I made one light green purse with printed love hand script from vintage French postcard I brought from antique market in Paris last year.Inside and birdie were made out of furoshiki fabric from Japan. West meats East in my little handmade goodie :)

nedelja, 21. oktober 2012

Drift Wood Christmas Tree

Inspired by lovely wood & wool Christmas tree I made one for our home and photo prop for our two shops. I assembled beautiful drift wood that we have picked up by the Slovenian coast. This one measures 12". Vintage Christmas glass ornaments that I buy on antique markets remind me on my happy childhood with my grand parents. The most beautiful and precious are glass birds..I recently buy one very beautiful and used it for etsy banner for my cherry tree vintage and re purposed shop.

sobota, 13. oktober 2012

Cherry Time giveavay on The Lovely Find

Visit The Lovely Find and enter Cherry time giveaway if you would love to have one unique personalized ring bearer for your wedding day. We'll work with the winner of this giveaway on the final version. We love to create them and have several original designs here. Giveaway ends on the 19 th of October. Worldwide shipping is included. Good luck!

nedelja, 7. oktober 2012


Needle felted billy buttons and hand embroidery for Jo& Dave's November wedding. Cherry time team wish them all the happiness in the world..

petek, 5. oktober 2012

Jamie-Mirko Cherry Time crochet teddy bear toy

Meet Jamie aka Mirko, amigurumi crochet teddy bear. He is new lovely and cuddly member of Cherry Time handmade original family of crochet toys. He'll be soon on the way to Diana. We wish him to be a keepsake forever...

torek, 18. september 2012

Peachy Cake Topper

photo by Justine Bursoni
photo by Justine Bursoni

Wedding Photographer Justine Bursoni sent us her photos of Cherry Time cake topper from wedding of  Kari & Chris. Please visit her web site. Thank you so much, Justine!! 

nedelja, 16. september 2012

Cherry Time HAPPY

We proudly share gorgeous photos with Cherry time original cake topper "HAPPY". Please look at MoAE Story photography for more. It was used for birthday party of one beautiful princess Jenna from the third photo. Main web site of MoAE Story photography here.
Thank you so much!!

petek, 14. september 2012

Olive Miniature Crochet Doggy by Cherry Time

photo by Susan Chiang 

photo by Susan Chiang

photo by Susan Chiang
photo by Susan Chiang

photo by Susan Chiang

Diane has a little doggy called Olive and she wanted us to create miniature cutie at her image for her wedding day. Miniature crochet Olive looked so nice between wedding favors. We also made mint crochet hearts from the third and fourth photo. Diane styled them very beautifully.

Susan Chiang took some photos at this gorgeous wedding..Please look for more photos on her blog. Thank you so much for sharing with us!! Cherry time team wish all the luck in the world to Diana & Patrick!

četrtek, 13. september 2012

Cherry Time giweaway on The Frosted Pettticoat

photo by The Frosted Petticoat

I love vintage buttons.I buy them on antique markets and on etsy. Mostly mother of pearl buttons and buttons that have beautiful shapes and colors. What about chocolate vintage inspired buttons? You can find the most perfect edible vintage inspired buttons in gorgeous etsy shop and candy company The Frosted Petticoat.Of course they have many others cute edible art pieces. 

We're very happy that lovely Sam prepared give-away post about our handmade goodies, mostly cake toppers on her blog. You have a chance to win one custom made Cherry time cake topper. Please visit, comment,explore and admire..Life is sweet and wonderful!!

nedelja, 9. september 2012


Meet Pina, our shelter cutie. My daughter Petra made beautiful illustration featuring her. Petra used dry pastels. Tomorrow we'll frame it. I love it!!

ponedeljek, 27. avgust 2012

Shopping in Lizbon

PAPA BUBBLE delicious candies

beautifully retro decorated second hand shop for vintage clothes

hand wrapped lovely cans of sardines in Conservaria de Lisboa

Love these original and well preserved vintage little shops. Each one offers something special..From delicious handmade candies inside PAPA BOUBBLE shop, many sewing and knitting supply stores to the first Conservaria in Lisbon.I hope they will never replaces them with some "new and modern" versions of interior design..

nedelja, 26. avgust 2012

pastel de nata

We're going home in two days. We love Pastel de nata, little pieces of Portuguese haven.. Tomorrow we have to do more tasting and then decide where to buy them for our loved ones at home.
Mojca thought me to crochet sweet little fish. The one with pink hat is mine..

petek, 24. avgust 2012

crochet love

A little Cherry Time crochet love on Ilha de Farol on Algarve/ Portugal..

torek, 21. avgust 2012

Beautiful Olhao

Love these beautiful old Portugese time washed buildings that must be very shiny in some other era..And food market in Olhao is full of delicious local fruits and vegetables. They have the most juicy oranges we've ever tasted..

nedelja, 19. avgust 2012


We're leaving Evora and we're on the bus to Faro on Algarve. I'm using wi-fi on the bus for the first time :)