torek, 31. maj 2011

beautiful summer earrings

Our new unique "beautiful summer" earrings. My sister painted white beads and I combined them vith vintage japanesse red beads and tiny wooden beads. Soon in our etsy window.

ponedeljek, 30. maj 2011

illustrated with thread

My new summer messanger bag. I made it out of vintage white linen, vintage lace doily, some vintage and some new buttons and lined with cotton. I illustrated  with thread some cups on the table and it has two faces. Very roomy and perfect for all those things I usually carry with me :)

nedelja, 29. maj 2011

bumble bee silvo and his friends

Meet our Silvo and his bumble bee friends. They love to bring fun to small kids. They are perfect for making baby mobiles and are available in our etsy window. Our bumble bees are crocheted with love by Mojca.

sreda, 25. maj 2011

funny fish pencil cases

My sister gave me her original illustration of funny fish with buttons. I usually use it for our hand screen printed paper gift bags and unique wrapping paper. This time I printed them on  vintage linen and sewn some pencil cases. They also make lovely make up purses. Awailable in our etsy window.

petek, 20. maj 2011

inspired by love

Inspired by love and one of the most romantic languages. I used hand screen printing, crocheted bead, vintage linen, cotton, vintage lace doily and beautiful orange vintage button. I'll make one more.Available in our etsy window

sobota, 14. maj 2011

muzejska četrt Metelkova

Danes, do osmih zvečer si lahko ogledate sejem muzejskih replik, izdelkov umetnostne obrti in oblikovanja. Tkanje, mokro polstenje, keramika, les, čipke in podobno.. Na ploščadi pred muzejem SEM.

nedelja, 8. maj 2011

sobota, 7. maj 2011

paper yarn jewelry

I made some pieces of jewelry out of finest paper yarn made by PaperPhine. I like to crochet with this special material. Final pieces have transpatent and very delicate look.White delicate earrings are available in our etsy shop. Lovely for combining with summer dresses.
Nova serija nakita iz papirnate niti..

nedelja, 1. maj 2011

Back from Berlin

East Side Gallery

Trabant Legend from East

Berlin's Flea Markets


one of many  lovely shops

Bonbon macherei

music on Turkish market

Kunst hause tacheles

nice beach by the Spree river

We spent a week in beautiful Berlin. Some day we'll come back..Art, history, lively streets and tolerant people..