torek, 26. junij 2012

Crochet Inspiration

Love it! Find out more here

petek, 15. junij 2012

knitting Ljubljana

my knitting piece

beautiful knitting from Lepe male stvari

Simply love handmade projects. This one was about decorating city of Ljubljana with knitting pieces sewn together. Something cold and metal became beautiful and cozy resting place. My knitting piece is a little smaller that it should be. I hope that children will like it..Niti Niti Gallery of Wooll is behind this lovely event.

sobota, 9. junij 2012

Cherry Time on Rock my Wedding

Cherry Time Je t'aime wedding cake topper was featured on Rock my Wedding blog.
Thank you to Christian Ward Photography for these stunning photos!!

sobota, 2. junij 2012

our goodies

We received our new and very lovely custom"signature" stamp from TTYR shop from Sweden and custom typed pencils from one up designs from USA. So happy with the results :)