četrtek, 29. marec 2012

busy bumble bees by cherry time

Our Silvo the bumble bee and his friends have a lot of spring work at the moment :)
They will be delighted if you pick them for your sweet nursery decor. You can find them here

sobota, 24. marec 2012

Billy Button Craspedia Inspired Spring Wedding Decor

Billy button craspedia would be beautiful spring wedding theme idea. Lately I'm inspired by these lovely sunny flowers and I made some needle felted cake toppers and table decor. You can find them in our etsy shop. In the future I'll create some bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets and lovely bouttoniers...

I'm also trying to buy some of these natural beauties. I would appreciate your ideas about shops or places  where that would be possible..
Have a sunny weekend 



ponedeljek, 12. marec 2012

my new vintage typewriter beauty

This perfect vintage beauty came today  from FreudenDes Lebens shop. I like it so much. I adore beautiful vintage typewriters and my old one was simply too tired and it didn't had key &. I find key & the most beautiful one. My "new" vintage beauty can also write in red and black. 
And she came to me on my birthday with lovely message and birthday card. I'm so happy.

sobota, 10. marec 2012

handmade wooden goodies

Yesterday I received these beautiful custom made slices of birch wood for our bases for new cake toppers. They were made by Darko Slovenian artist who creates stunning  handmade tree branch buttons and jewellery. You can find these  wooden beauties in his Etsy Shop named WOODEN ARTIST.

                                                         wooden artist