četrtek, 21. julij 2011

redecorated vintage inspired cafe

Redecorated lovely cafe in our home town. Vintage inspired and so beautiful..One of my favourites places in the old part of Ljubljana.

sreda, 20. julij 2011

Repurposed Vintage Linen Lavender Sachet with Blossoms

Vintage inspired lavender sachet... Lavender is eco friendly and home grown. 
I really love to create with vintage linen. 

torek, 19. julij 2011

ponedeljek, 18. julij 2011

Welcome to the Geek Land - Treasury Challenge

We participated in last weeks Treasury Challenge and got in the FINALE! Please visit http://etsianartists.blogspot.​com/2011/07/time-to-vote_17.ht​ml and vote for us :)

nedelja, 17. julij 2011


My new repurposed vintage linen garland with pink crocheted beads is available at my cherry tree. Custom word (or words) on repurposed linen garland is made to order. Just contact us for details.

četrtek, 14. julij 2011

Fox Lady Upcycled Tote Bag

Upcycled white vintage bed linen summer tote bag with fox and lace doily by cherry time. New in our handmade shop. I like recycling and upcycling different fabrics. Vintage linen is one of my favourites supplies.

sreda, 13. julij 2011

retro inspired skirt

Beautiful lady from vintage postcard,origami, cranes for happiness, hearts, pink and sky blue thread. New cherry time retro inspired denim skirt.

torek, 12. julij 2011

blue caravan

Our handmade delicate whatnots for women and kids are from today also on blue caravan. They offer contemporary handmade, fair trade & ethnical products by independant designers, artists and artisans.
We happily accepted their invitation.

ponedeljek, 11. julij 2011

my new laptop sleeve

I made vintage inspired 13" felt sleeve for my laptop today. Handsome man on the right (photo transfer) is my grandfather.

lovely vintage treasures

četrtek, 7. julij 2011

summer collection

Cherry time summer crocheted and sewn collection available in our handmade shop. In july we offer 15 % discount.

ponedeljek, 4. julij 2011

my first front page treasury on etsy

I like making beautiful treasuries on Etsy. This one made it to the front page.

nedelja, 3. julij 2011

handmade with love

Pick your own berries for making jewelry  here

A detail from new skirt I made for my dear friend. It is from my collection "A cup of happiness".