petek, 3. september 2010

okolju prijazne torbe

Dobrodelna prodajna razstava nakupovalnih torb, ki so sodelovale na Oninem natečaju, bo v Mestni hiši od 8. 9. do 14. 9. 2010. Finalne torbice bodo predstavljene na modni reviji 8.9. 2010  ob 18.00 pred mestno hišo v Ljubljani. Ostale, ki niso prišle v ožji izbor so na ogled tukaj. Kar nekaj mi jih je zelo všeč, med njimi mi je najbolj simpatična tale Katarinina, s korenčki.

My eco friendly bag made out of used jeans and fabric remains is one of 194 bags which will be for sale from 8th till 14th of september in the city hall of Ljubljana,Slovenia. All money will go to charity for deprived children. I also like this one with happy carrots. You can see all bags are here and here.

5 komentarjev:

  1. I love the back to school purse you did for your daughter. Did you fill it with "goodies" too. Are you selling the vintage toys? I would have a hard time parting with the ones I find in the junk stores, especially the wooden ones! My mommy makes it

  2. Thank you Lesley.
    I put some money in the purse for sweets and a note with some happy words for going back to school. She was so happy
    Now I have 2 vintage toys in my etsy store. Teddy bear is in perfect condition, brown horse needs some reparation. But they both are so cute :)